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10 Denim Rag Rugs You’ll Actually Want in Your Home (DIY Tutorials)

Who doesn’t have at least one pair of old blue jeans sitting in a closet somewhere? One great way to give them a new purpose is to turn them into denim rag rugs. 

Denim is not only fashionable and versatile, but jeans are easy to repurpose and have an extremely durable construction. That’s why it’s such a great fabric to use for repurposing and upcycling.

I love repurposing old denim into quilts, bags, and more fun denim projects. And denim rag rugs are another super fun way to use those scraps!

denim rag rug tutorials

Rag rugs are such a great way of upcycling fabric strips and old fabric and give all those pieces of discarded fabric a longer life. 

Some of these area rugs require a sewing machine and others are no-sew ideas. Some use the waistbands only, or the seams, the pockets, a denim strip or even the entire pair of jeans. 

How Many Jeans Do You Need to Make a Denim Rag Rug?

denim rag rug - jeans
Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

The short answer is that it really depends! It’s going to depend on what size of rug you’re making if you’re using the whole pair of jeans or only portions of it, and so on.

The longer is that each tutorial usually tells you how many pairs of jeans it took them to create their rug.

You can use these techniques to make a rag rug in any size you like with just slight variations. Of course, the larger the rug, the more pairs of jeans you’ll need. 

If you find you don’t have enough jeans to create the rug you want, you can always head to the thrift store or ask a family member or a friend if they have any they’d like to get rid of!

Inspiration & Tutorials for Denim Rag Rugs

Now grab those old jeans and use one of these great tutorials to create your own rug!

Denim Rag Rugs DIY Ideas & Tutorials

Here are several unique ways to upcycle your old jeans and turn them into a statement piece for your home as a denim rag rug!

Looking for even more rag rug ideas? Here are some rag rug tutorials for all different kinds of fabric, not just denim. 

And if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to using old denim for upcycled projects, check out my post on how to cut up old jeans for sewing and upcycling projects.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.