how to spray paint a metal chair

How to Spray Paint a Metal Chair – Easy Ombre Upcycle Project

I am a big advocate of spray paint therapy – and this week I needed some.  Both of my boys were sick and I had no time or physical space to get on with very much.  So when I had an hour to myself I indulged in some much needed spray paint transformation therapy.  I had a real session with a number of projects – this is the first that will show you how to spray paint a metal chair with a cheats ombre type effect.  Super simple and super satisfying!  

Strictly speaking do you need a tutorial for spray paint therapy? No.  Just shake, point and transform.  But my biggest bug bear with DIY blogs is not having step by step instructions so here is my process.  

Materials Needed:

how to spray paint a metal chair
  • Metal Chair
  • Spray Paint in your chosen colours (I used Kobra HP Spray Paint in  Copper & Lake
  • Steel Wool (optional)

Step 1: Clean & Prep

I have had this chair for years. Picked up by a bin on the street near my office (when I used to work in an office).  I brought it in at lunchtime and it sat next to my desk for the afternoon and then came home on the bus with me!  It’s been in my garden as is ever since.  I always intended to do something with it but it just hadn’t happened.  

So the first thing I needed to do was give it a clean – I used baby wipes but you can just use a sponge and some soapy water or sugar soap depending on the state of your chair.  I then used some steel wool to smooth the edges of one rust spot on the corner.  This won’t hide the uneven surface but it will help it to not chip as easily after its sprayed.  If you want a totally smooth surface you’ll need to look into fillers.  For me this was a ‘I just need to transform something!’ kind of a moment, so I was not going to stop for filler!

Step 2: Spray Paint Colour One: Lake (Teal Blue)

If you are going for a two tone effect like I did then start with your first colour from the top down.  I’m calling this an ombre spray paint effect but I think technically two tone is more accurate.  But by ombre I am meaning there isn’t going to be a sharp line between one colour and the next, so there is no taping needed.  

Use lots of thin layers of spray paint rather than saturating it to avoid drips.  For my first colour I used Kobra HP spray paint in Lake, which is kind of a teal blue green colour. 

For the underside (because this is for my garden and not resale), I took an ‘eyeball approach’ – by which I mean I knelt beside the chair and sprayed the paint at any yellow I could see rather than turning it over and trying to get complete coverage.  I have an issue with wasting paint on bits of furniture no one will ever see!

Step 3: Spray Paint Colour Two: Copper

Like everyone else these days I am crazy about copper, so this was the colour I choose for the second colour of my ‘ombre’ effect metal chair spray paint project.  

I basically did the opposite of what I did with the fist colour, spray painting from the bottom up until I had slightly overlapped onto where the blue was.   There was no particular rhyme or reason to why I went as far up the chair leg as I did, it was just what looked good to me.  This effect would look just as good with just a touch at the feet of your chair if you are for example trying to find a project for a partial can of spray paint (not that this took the whole can! Far from it!).  

Step 4: Leave to Dry

  Lastly all you need to do is leave it to dry – preferably outside for a few hours or overnight and you have your transformed chair. That’s it! Instant gratification. That’s what spray paint was invented for right?

P.S. Don’t judge the chair by the state of the garden! 

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how to spray paint a metal chair
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What would you like to Upcycle Today?

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