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11 Fabulous Upcycling Projects using Copper Spray Paint

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This post includes affiliate links to supplies you may need to complete the projects we reference.  If you purchase through these links we earn a small commission to keep the site going at no extra cost to you.

Spray paint is the best medicine.  Okay we aren’t prescribing oral ingestion of the stuff, but if you want to quickly transform something for a fabulous upcycle mood booster then spray painting can be a very satisfying option.  There is a time an place for meticulous prep work, undercoats and waxing and then there are also times when your mental health needs a bit of spray paint therapy.  This is our list of copper spray paint upcycling ideas for just those times – why copper? Because it is the hue of the moment isn’t it?  And it gives everything such a luxe looking finish!  Enjoy!

Kitchen-Aid Mixer Upcycle with Copper Spray Paint

Our first few project suggestions are for your kitchen.  And this one if attempted would definitely be the star of the show!  This has got to be one of the more daring spray paint projects we’ve seen and we think it turned out amazing!  Savvy Apron turned this old uninspiring looking kitchen-aid mixer into a super expensive looking copper addition to any modern kitchen – with just spray paint!  Check out the tutorial over on Savvy Apron here.  

And check out the add we found for a mixer like this new below!  We reckon the spray painted version looks pretty good and at a fraction of the price!

Easy Coffee and Tea Canister Upcycle

If you want to practice your taping off skills before you tackle something like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, you could try this easy spray paint upgrade for your coffee and tea storage canisters.  These ones in particular already have a line for you to follow with your tape but you could improvise with other designs.  A really gorgeous improvement.  Somehow these jars make even an instant coffee look more appealing!  

Copper Spice Rack Update

We couldn’t move on from the kitchen without dropping this super simple spray paint idea on you.  No taping required!

First you start with a plain plastic spice rack, next just take out your spice jars, spray in a well ventilated area and add it to your growing collection of copper upcycled kitchen decor items.  

Unfortunately we couldn’t find anyone who’d done this one already so the picture is for illustration of what we think could be achieved, but we reckon this would be a super easy update as we’ve seen plenty of old plastic racks in a very similar shape.  We’ll leave the rest to you!

Copper Hexagon Succulent Planter Centre Piece

This is a super well thought out project by Within the Grove.  It involves using a hexagon bird feeder and some copper spray paint to make a super trendy looking succulent centrepiece.  Her full tutorial is on Hometalk here.

Looking for more ways to upcycle your old stuff into interesting succulent planters?  Check out our article dedicated to succulent upcycle ideas here.

Ikea Antilop High Chair Makeover

We love this makeover of an Ikea Antilop Highchair.  The Antilop is probably the cheapest and most widely used highchair out there.  But doesn’t this one look so unique and personal with its spray painted copper legs and updated cushion cover?  Well done to Sarah from Of the Moon who’s project this is – check it out here.

Metal Garden Chair Makeover

how to upcycle an old garden chair
how to spray paint a metal chair

This is one of our tutorials.  We used two colours of Kobra spray paint to transform this rusty old garden chair that was found by a bin years ago.  We highlighted the legs with copper which we think really brings out the teal blue base colour.  A bit friendlier and more fun than doing it all in copper.  You can find the full tutorial here.

Upcycled Radiators with Copper Spray Paint

We love the idea of updating your radiators with copper spray paint.  This involves some forward thinking though as although you could probably do this with the radiators in situ (albeit with a lot of taping and dust sheets!), this is best done before you actually install your radiators.  

Pineapple Decor on the Cheap

plastic pineapple light ready to be upcycled
copper spray painted pineapple ornament
copper spray painted pineapple ornament

This project is another one of ours.  This pineapple was bought from a charity shop – it’s actually a battery powered night light!  We weren’t after a night light though, we bought it for the shape and to get a piece of pineapple decor on the cheap.  We used Kobra Copper Spray Paint.  

It doesn’t have to be a pineapple of course.  You can have a look in your garage or loft and find any old plastic toys, lamps or other objects that have a desirable shape and bring them back to life with spray paint.  We think this little guy fits in rather well in his new home. 

Upcycled Wooden Crates into Copper Gift Baskets

If you are looking to go with handmade and upcycled for gift giving this year, you can steal this idea from Plastikote to spray paint an old wooden crate in copper and fill it with homemade goodies for your friends and family.  They’ll thank you for the pretty box as much as the treats inside!  Plastikote’s tutorial is here.

Give it some Inner Light - Pendant Light Upcycle

This is another great IKEA Hack. This time from Lulus Fresh Spaces.  They’ve used an inexpensive IKEA pendant light with Matte spray paint for the top and metallic spray paint underneath.  They have used gold here but we think copper would pack a bit of an extra punch.  

You can find the Lulu’s tutorial here

Reuse your old drawer handles

If you are looking to update a chest of drawers or even your kitchen cupboards new hardware is often a good starting point.  But if you can’t afford all new knobs you can reuse your existing ones with a can of spray paint.  

Simply unscrew them, place them on a wire rack, pallet or other surface that allows you to get full coverage and spray in thin coats.  Kathy from Petticoat Junction did something similar when she updated a set of drawers by spray painting the existing handles rose gold (see third photo above).  See her full project here.

We think a copper finish looks great on lots of different shaped handles.  

If you are looking for more hardware inspiration check out our article on unique knobs and drawer pulls for upcycling projects.

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