diy ideas for reusing old jeans

25 Stunning Ideas for Reusing your Old Jeans

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This post includes affiliate links to supplies you may need to complete the projects we reference.  If you purchase through these links we earn a small commission to keep the site going at no extra cost to you.

Jeans are a quintessential wardrobe staple.   Because of that most people end up with at least a pair or two of denim blue jeans that don’t fit anymore or they don’t wear because they’ve gone out of style or been worn out in places.  We’ve collated a list of great upcycling ideas for your old jeans from useful bags to home decor items.  

Denim Clutch Purse with Outer Pocket

upcycled denim clutch purse from old jeans
Photo: Pinterest

These clutch or coin purses from old jeans are the cutest little project.  We especially love the outer pockets pre-built into the fabric.  Imagine them with a fun contrasting print as the inner lining too!  The most helpful tutorial we’ve found for this isn’t in English but you can just choose translate on google and their are loads of helpful photos too.  The tutorial uses regular fabric but just swap out your cut up denim jeans for the outer layer and perhaps use a denim needle to sew through your denim!  You can find the tutorial here and you can find the clutch clasps that finish it off here.

Upholster it with Denim!

denim upholstered chair
Photo: Legend Blues
denim covered chair
Photo: Pinterest
denim upholstered sofa
Photo: Danna Design
chair upholstered in denim

Denim is certainly a tough wearing fabric.  So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that many keen upcyclers have used it as upholstery fabric.  You could even strategically place the pockets to give you somewhere to put the tv remote!  If you are looking for a tutorial on how to have a go at upholstering your own armchair check out ours here.  All you need to do is substitute the upholstery fabric for your old jeans by cutting it apart at the seams and either finding pieces that match the shape of your chair or sewing it together into bigger pieces as needed. 

Sofa Organiser from Old Jeans

sofa organiser for remote controls from old jeans
Photo: Pinterest
sofa organiser tutorial upcycle project
Photo: Muy Ingenioso

We love the idea of using the pockets and openings already in your old pair of jeans to make a super useful over arm sofa organiser to store your remote controls and magazines.  Muy Ingenioso has a great tutorial (just hit translate) for the basic pattern using a pretty thin denim.  We think instead of cutting the panels for the pockets like they have you should measure to see if you can cut the larger panel from the back of your jeans to keep the two back pockets in situ and then sew the legs together to get the length.  Then you can add the front panel like they have (in the first photo above) for your magazine pocket.

Upcycled Jeans Doorstop

doorstop upcycled from old jeans tutorial
Photo: Vicky Myers
DIY denim doorstop tutorial
Photo: Vicky Myers

Here at Upcycle My Stuff we love a detailed Vicky Myers Tutorial, so when we found this one for a denim doorstop upcycled from old jeans with a super cute leather handle we just had to add it to this list!  You can find her wonderful tutorial here.

Jewellery made from Upcycled Denim

choker made from old jeans
Photo: Jeanistic
upcycled denim bracelet
Photo: Loelle
upcycled denim earrings
Photo: Made in Denim

When you cut up your jeans to use them for a doorstop or upholstery fabric or even a change purse, you will have scraps, waistbands and other parts of your jeans left on the floor.  These are the perfect bits to use to create some eye-catching upcycled jewellery.  We found some great examples in the photos above from some brilliant upcycling small businesses selling on Etsy.  While all these sellers are clearly super talented and creative, the techniques they are using are relatively simple and you could do the same with some jewellery findings (the clasps, earring hooks and choker bases) and a few tools.  You can find jewellery findings many places including Etsy and Create and Craft.  

The simplest of the ideas above are clearly the earrings and all you would need to recreate them is a needle and thread (invisible thread would work will for this) and some jewellery making earring hooks.  That bit of denim looks to us like the loops on the belt band of an old pair of jeans – what do you think?

Chevron Patterned Denim Pillow

chevron pattern denim cushion tutorial
Photo: Ashlee Marie

If you have a few pairs of old jeans of a similar weight this fab chevron patterned cushion cover project could be for you.  Ashlee Marie has a fab tutorial that you could scale to different sizes and either use one colour denim or several.  

Denim Diamonds Slow Quilting Project

denim diamond quilt project
Photo: Dan Rouse

This is a super impressive denim quilt made by Dan Rouse.  He said it was a 5 year work in progress.  The diamonds are 3.5″ each side, plus 3/8″ seam allowance.  He used a ‘jeans stitch’ by topstitching with heavy gold-colored thread similar to how jeans are finished.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  You can find Dan Rouse on Instagram here.

Denim Yarn Woven Rug

woven rug from old blue jeans
Photo: Liljan Lumo
denim yarn woven rug
Photo: Liljan Lumo

If you are looking to upcycle your old jeans without making it super obvious that is what you’ve done, Liljan Lumo’s tutorial on how to weave a rug from denim yarn made from your old jeans might be just the project you’ve been looking for.  Not the easiest one on the list, but we think the result could be a work of art to be proud of!  You can find her tutorial here (just hit translate to get it in English).

Denim Soft Toy Balls

baseball made from old blue jeans tutorial
Photo: Granny Lu Shop
soccer ball made from old blue jeans
Photo: MirembeDesign

We love these cute children soft toy balls.  This is the perfect gift idea for babies learning to grip or grandchildren who have started toddling and need some soft balls to play with.

There is a great tutorial on wikiHow for making the denim baseball pictured above.  You can find it here. 

Upcycled Denim Teddy Bear

denim teddy bear tutorial with pattern
Photo: Lena Kamber

Another gift idea for your old jeans that would be a hit with the grandchildren or nieces and nephews in your life is this sweet little teddy bear.  We especially love the placement of the pocket in front where you could put an even smaller toy or a special note from Grandma! We found a really helpful tutorial and free pattern for sewing your own teddy bear from How Joyful.  They didn’t use denim but the tutorial is meant to work for any type of fabric so as long as you are using a proper denim needle and strong thread there is no reason you couldn’t use it to make your own huggable bear from your old blue jeans. 

Denim Heart Bunting

DIY denim heart bunting
Photo: Denimshire Dumpling

This simple project doesn’t require many materials and is super easy to recreate.  What you need:  

  • your old jeans
  • some twine
  • a sewing needle large enough for your twine
  • some stuffing (optional).

First cut your jeans to the desired shape (one for the back and one for the front of each piece).  Then sew almost all the way around with your twine as pictured.   Before you close it up and add the bow, stuff it with either some soft toy stuffing,  quilt batting or better yet some more denim scraps.  Once you have the number of hearts you want in your garland simply thread them together with a long piece of twine (thread through the back of each heart).  You can tie two small knots where the twine exits the hearts to keep them steady or leave them untied so you can readjust their position by sliding them along the twine.  The rustic finish of this project means you don’t even have to hem the edges.  Easy peasy! 

Footwear from Old Jeans

old jeans reused as sandals
Photo: Skill of King
baby shoes made from old jeans tutorial
Photo: Pretty Prudent
sandals made from reused old jeans
Photo: Pinterest

We found quite a number of cute ideas for reusing parts of your old jeans as sandals, slip on shoes and baby booties.  Pretty Prudent has a fab tutorial for making these baby booties from reused denim jeans and the Guardian of all places has a tutorial for making slippers out of old jeans here.

Denim Wallpaper

DIY denim wallpaper
Photo: Pinterest

And now for something completely different as they say.  We’ve heard of denim effect paint finishes but before we saw this we hand’t come across using actual denim as wallpaper or wall covering.  What do you thing?  Getting a glue strong enough to hold it up would probably be the trick but perhaps that is what the trim is for at the top in this photo.  We like the pocket placement where you could pop your phone into charge too!  Obviously this photo doesn’t look like upcycled jeans but there is no reason you couldn’t sew together a few pairs to get this amount of fabric.  Cowboy themed living room anyone?

Geometric Denim Wall Hangings

geometric denim wall hanging tutorial
Photo: Joann

These geometric denim wall hangings add a great pop of blue on the blank wall behind.  There is a full tutorial for each one on the Joann Fabrics website here.    If you are looking for more upcycling ideas to fill your blank walls then check out our article full of fun ideas.

Craft Apron from Old Blue Jeans

upcycled jeans turned into a work apron tutorial
Photo: Adirondack Girl

This idea is so obvious when you see it you think to yourself – why didn’t I think of that?  But we didn’t, and Adirondack Girl did – just genius to turn your old jeans around to transform them into a crafting apron complete with ready made pockets!  This is an especially good one if it is some rips at the knees that caused you to discard your old jeans in the first place!  You can find the full tutorial here.

Wine Bottle Gift Bag from Jeans

wine gift bag from old jeans
Photo: My Soulful Home

This is a great idea for the calf part of your old jeans leg if you’ve gone ahead and used the top half for your craft apron or another project.  My Soulful Home has a tutorial about just how to use your old jeans legs as git bags for wine.  A great idea and a lovely gift to receive – wine plus a reusable denim gift bag! 

Denim Pocket Organiser

home office display board from jeans
Photo: Pinterest
craft station wall organiser from old jeans
Photo: Pinterest
denim pocket organiser from old jeans
Photo: Sisters of the Wild West

The pockets of old jeans are perfect for repurposing as many of the ideas above do.  We think these craft station and home office wall organisers from old jeans are good examples of how these kind of upcycled organiser boards can actually look super chic (trust us we’ve seen a lot that don’t!).  The Sisters of the Wild West have a tutorial for their version here.

The Essential: Upcycled Bag from Old Jeans

upcyled blue jeans bag
Photo: Eden Willow Design
backpack made from old jeans
Photo: Nettekind
satchel bag made from old jeans
Photo: Care for Us

What roundup of ideas for upcycling your old jeans would be complete without a bag made from old jeans? We found many examples from backpacks to satchels and tote bags.  In truth you can go wild with this one and copy the pattern of any bag shape you like.  If you are looking for a pattern specifically for making a bag from old jeans Gamma Studio sell one here. 

We have lots more ideas for upcycled handbags.  Check out our article on DIY Handbag Ideas here.

Have you tried any of these ideas?  How did it go? We’d love to hear your comments!

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