how to upcycle a pill bottle christmas ornament craft

How to Upcycle a Pill Bottle – Christmas Cracker Ornament

This is a quick an easy Christmas ornament upcycle idea using scraps of things you might have lying around your home.  It’s so super easy it would be a great Christmas craft to do with kids and show them how you can make something ‘new’ or decorative out of things you might normally through away!

Materials Needed:

Christmas ornament made from a pill bottle
  • Empty pill bottle
  • Scraps of Christmas wrapping paper
  • Ends of ribbons x 3 
  • Sellotape 

Step 1: Cover the Pill Bottle

pill bottle upcycle idea Christmas ornament
pill bottle upcycle project Christmas ornament

For this project you can use any empty pill bottle, I’ve used a long thin prescription one but it would work just as well with a fatter bottle of off the shelf medication, depending on the size of the scrap piece of wrapping paper you are using.

To start, find a piece of scrap wrapping paper that is longer than your pill bottle on both ends and wide enough to wrap all the way around it.

Just like with wrapping presents, I usually fold the end in before taping it down.


Step 2: Tie on your Ribbons

how to reuse a pill bottle as a Christmas ornament

Once you’ve taped the wrapping paper closed in the middle you don’t need tape for the ends. Just find two bits of ribbon and tie them tightly at the top and base of the pill bottle – like a Christmas Cracker.

Step 3: Attach your hanging loop

how to reuse a pill bottle as a Christmas ornament
how to reuse a pill bottle

Now I don’t want anyone to mistake this for an actual Christmas Cracker and try to pop it open, so I used a piece of green ribbon to attach a hanging loop so it can become a Christmas ornament to be hung on a tree or a door knocker.  

To make the loop simply tie two ends of ribbon together, loop it through one of the pieces of ribbon used to close your ends and pull the ends through the loop of your green ribbon to secure it.

Step 4: Hang your 'new' upcycled Christmas Ornament

how to reuse a pill bottle as a Christmas ornament

Looking to upcycle even more this Christmas?  Check out our list of 10 DIY Personalised Gifts you can make from your upcycled stuff!

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how to upcycle a pill bottle easy kids Christmas craft

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