About Us

Upcycle My Stuff is a passion project.

We want to make it easy and fun for people to start upcycling.

We provide How to Guides, Inspiration and a Directory of Upcycling Businesses (for when you have the ‘stuff’ and the will to upcycle but not the time or the inclination to get your hands dirty).

As well as being passionate about upcycling we are also passionate about promoting small businesses.

Our founder, Kristen Hubert, has run several small businesses herself and knows how hard it can be to add marketing efforts on top of all the day to day tasks it takes to run a successful business – especially when most small businesses are one woman or one man shows.

We think we can help.

We work to drive traffic to our website through interesting and valuable content and we love making a social media splash. We will be featuring small businesses that are part of our directory as we do this in order to give them a marketing boost and get their gorgeous work in front of more people.

We also love working with up and coming bloggers.

If you think you share our passion for upcycling and you have a flare for sharing your passion with others check out our Submissions page for more information about how you can work with us. 

We love highlighting great ideas. 

We feature images we’ve found that inspire us from various places around the internet.   We always credit and we always provide a backlink.  If your image has been featured by us and you are unhappy about it just get in touch and we will remove it.

We would love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy our content and we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. You can find ways to contact and follow us below or you can email us at [email protected].





NB: As an Amazon Associate earnings are made for qualifying purchases.  Most of our posts contiain affiliate links to products on Amazon and elsewhere.  We earn a small commission if you purchase as a result of our links.  It does not cost you anything and we hope the links are helpful in finding the right materials for your upcycling projects.