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20 No-Sew ways to Upcycle Old Jeans!

Who doesn’t have an old pair of jeans sitting in their closet? They’re a huge part of many people’s wardrobes.

However, if you’ve been holding onto a pair or two of old blue jeans that don’t fit anymore, have gone out of style, or are a bit worn out, then maybe it’s time to do something new with them and give them a second life!

Luckily there is a great idea for upcycling each pair of old denim jeans you have. The only problem? Many suggestions for upcycling old jeans involve sewing.

But what if you don’t sew?

Luckily, we’ve rounded up these ‘what to do with old jeans no-sew projects’ including everything from planters for the green thumbs to tote bags – all with no sewing required! 

Grab a pair of old jeans, a glue gun and some scissors, give your sewing machine a break, and try out a new project.

how to reuse old jeans no sew

If you’re looking for more jean upcycling ideas (that do require sewing, check out these ideas for reusing your old jeans

The following list is full of great no-sew projects to repurpose old jeans. Before you get started, we have some tips on how to cut up your old denim (the post includes a video tutorial) – so visit that post if you aren’t sure.

Now – jump into these upcycled denim crafts and have fun!

What To Do With Old Jeans No-Sew

The following list is full of great no-sew projects to repurpose a pair of blue jeans.

Denim is a very sturdy fabric and you can use every little bit – belt loops, back pockets, hems, and seams! You can use your leftover denim to make all sorts of things!

Denim takes a lot of resources to create initially so upcycling and repurposing jeans are very environmentally responsible. On top of that, denim is an incredibly durable and strong fabric and there are so many things you can do with it.

Here are a few more ideas of what to do with old jeans, no-sew required (although some of these will be easier if you do sew a bit!:

  • Craft apron
  • Cute bookmark
  • Denim pillow
  • Denim wine bags
  • Denim rag rug

Hopefully, these no-sew denim projects have given you some inspiration on what to do with your old jeans.

Don’t immediately throw out those old pairs of jeans the minute they don’t fit or they get a hole in them. There are a number of amazing ways to upcycle and repurpose old blue jeans into something fun for your home, for your pets, a denim rug, or even as a great handmade gift.

If you’re on the hunt for more denim crafts and DIY projects and you love to upcycle and repurpose items, check out how to upcycle stretch denim (finally something to do with those skinny jeans!) or this DIY denim quilt from old jeans or this denim quilt made improv style – perfect for beginners!

Here are also some fun denim bags you can make from your old jeans:

If you want to breath new life into your favorite pair of jeans and wear them again check out this list of books about upcycling that includes some fab books on mending old clothes – including jeans!

For even more recycled craft ideas go here: Recyced Crafts & Gifts

Want to start from scratch and find out about what upcycling is and what you can upcycle? Head here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.