10 Denim Rag Rugs You’ll Actually Want in Your Home

Denim Rag Rugs are hard wearing and fun to make. Use these 10 step by step denim rag rug tutorials to make a stylish rug for your home!

This clever DIY denim rug uses the pockets of old blue jeans to create a pretty spectacular doormat. Of course, you can place any spot in your house you want and make it as small or as large as you wish!

This beautiful rainbow denim rag rug is possible thanks to this great tutorial from My Poppet. It utilizes upcycled denim scraps and upcycled cotton yarn to create a stunning look in your living room and that will likely be a great conversation starter for your visitors.

Are you interested in weaving your own rag rug? This great rug will help inspire you to try to create for your favorite place in your home.

This detailed step by step tutorial creates a rather large circular pattern rug using different shades of denim. If this is too large for your space, you can always adjust to make a smaller version.

This tutorial gives great step by step instructions on how to sew your own denim rug that’s perfect for small spaces. They also include care instructions!

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