10 Upcycled Decor Ideas for Blank Walls

A large statement piece of wall art can make a huge impact to the look and feel of your home. We’ve collected some great upcycled decor ideas for blank walls that we think have the potential to turn your interiors from bare to rare.

When one door closes

Depending on how heavy your door is a bracket or if your doors are really heavy you could try something similar with your door leaning against the wall rather than properly attached.

Pallet Art

Pallet Art has been a bit of a trend lately. Especially the geometric angular framed versions. The photo below is a simpler way to get something just as impactful, but potentially more personal.

Let it all Hang Out

You basically start with a twig or stick, a bit of twine for hanging and then you knot on different lengths of fabric, yarn or beads. Experiment with braiding bits together adding knots in different places or arranging colours in a creative way.

Branch out with your Decor

If you have some an empty frame, or a collection of frames lying around this is a cute idea to use some branches, either found in your garden or perhaps on the ground while walking the dog.

Dress Your Walls

Do you have a piece of fabric you love but no projects planned for it? Or an old scarf you never wear that has sentimental value? Why not use it to fill your blank walls?

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