9 Reasons to Start an Upcycling Business

An upcycling business means a business where the maker uses a base material for the products they sell that no one else values.

Here are the reasons why I am passionate about helping people start small business and specifically small businesses that define themselves as Upcycling Businesses.

It’s Cheap!

By definition, because people generally don’t want the materials that these business owners are starting with – at least not in their current condition.

Unique Selling Point

With an upcycling business you already have one right off the bat – you have turned something that otherwise would have remained unwanted into something valuable again.

Less Waste

Upcycling and starting with something that already exists as your base material is better for the environment. Simple as that. 

The Power to Change Minds

They are playing a role in changing people’s minds about what is valuable and useful and what isn’t. 

Personal Empowerment

If you can start with something that nobody wants, transform it and sell it enough times to feed your family and put a roof over your head.

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