A Tutorial on Making Your Own Keychains

I’ve made a simple DIY keychain tutorial for you to follow along here, with children, or as a gift for your family members.

Supply List for Your DIY Keychain

– Macrame thread – Wooden beads – Scissors

Cut The Macrame Thread

The first step is to cut your macramé to double the length you’d like for your keyring. My final keyring is 10cm long, so I cut a 20cm piece of thread.

Unravel Thread

If you use beads with a large enough hole in the middle, you can skip this step! Alternatively, you can use a different type of thread, which is slightly thinner, such as DK yarn.

Tie a Loop and Knot

Fold your thread in half so you have two strands, and tie a knot at the top, leaving a small loop to attach your keyring.

Next up, start threading your beads onto the macramé. You can get creative here and use perler beads, beads all in one color, complimentary colors, or even beads with letters on them to spell out a word.

Thread the Beads

When all your beads are threaded on, tie a knot at the bottom. Make sure the knot is large enough so that the hole in the bottom bead can’t pass over it.

Secure The Beads