Adorable Wine Bottle Centerpiece You Can Make Yourself

This is a great and simple way to add a bit of greenery to your table, and let’s face it, greenery goes with pretty much any decor or dining table.

Materials Used:  Wine Bottle Centerpieces

–  Wine Bottle –  White Paint –  Artificial Foliage –  Hot Glue Gun –  Glue Stick –  Paintbrush

Step One: Prepare the Bottle

First, you’ll need to prime your bottle and remove any dirt and grease. I did this using warm, soapy water.

Step Two: Paint the Bottle

Next up, I painted the bottle using white acrylic paint. I wasn’t expecting this to make such a big difference, but it really did!

Step Three: Twine Time!

I wrapped it around the neck of the bottle, the middle, and the base, but I think it looked great with just the base of the bottle wrapped.

I chose a couple of different shades of green to make it look more realistic, and I love how the greenery flows down the side of the bottle.

Step Four: Add the Foliage

Adding flowers to your wine bottle centerpiece is a great way to tie the decoration into a specific color scheme in your wedding decor or event.