An Entryway DIY Face Mask Organizer

I decided keys go on a key rack so why not put these face masks on a sort of a face mask rack/organizer/thingy? Here is how I made it.

Materials Needed: Entryway Face Mask Organizer

– Scrap wood – Drawer Handles – Jigsaw – Mouse Sander – Drill – Sawtooth picture hanger – Wood stain

Step 1: Cut your Wood to Size

I measured the space above the alarm and the light switch in my entryway and decided that a 15 length of wood was about right so I used my jigsaw to cut a piece off of one of my pallets.

Step 2: Sanding

Next I used my Black & Decker Mouse Sander to sand down the piece of wood so it was nice and smooth.

So once I’d picked my handles I tried spacing them out to get an idea of how they would look and then I measured for the holes.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Step 4: Attach Hanging

It’s your call if you want to put the hanging on now or after the next step. I did it first. I used a sawtooth picture hanging attachment, my favorite for hanging most things.

Step 5: Staining

The brand is Scandiwood and it’s a natural finish wood oil meant for kitchen worktops. It darkened the wood ever so slightly, made it look warmer, and brought out the grain nicely.