Easy Easter Basket – A Last-Minute Upcycle Idea

Are you looking for a really easy Easter basket idea? Look no further! With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to whip together an Easter basket for a fun scavenger hunt.

Materials Used:  Easy Easter Basket

– Plastic Bottle – Scissors – Newspaper – Glue – Acrylic Paint – Felt

Step One: Grab a Plastic Bottle

You can use any shape or size of plastic bottle you have on hand. I had a huge 5L water bottle, which worked well, but you could use a milk bottle or any type of carton.

Step Two: Cut The Bottle Top Off

Cut the neck and top off your bottle. I found the easiest way to do this was to make a small hole with a knife and then use scissors to cut the rest off.

Step Three: Make a Handle

If you want the handle to be movable, you can cut a small hole in the bottle and use split pins to attach the handle.

You’ll need newspaper, glue, and water. Mix one part PVA glue with two parts water and give it a good mix.

Step Four: Paper Mache Your Bottle

For my basket, I decided to make a bunny. I painted the basket white and then used a marker to draw on the face.

Step Five: Decorate The Bottle