Bookmarks Made From Scrap Fabric By Teeny Tiny Trimmings!

DON’T THROW THOSE TEENY TINY SCRAPS AWAY! There are actually lots of things you can do with them. This story is about just one way: turn them into a scrap fabric bookmark!

Materials Used:  Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

– Trimmings – Embroidery Stabilizer – Ribbon – Sewing Machine and Thread – Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter – Pinking Shears

Step 1: Sort Your Scraps

It was basically one bag that I had filled with slivers, trimmings, and balls of thread from other sewing and craft projects.

Step 2: Cut your Embroidery Stabiliser

The ones I made this first time around were smaller, but the one’s I made more recently, I cut to 3" wide, and the height was the width of the stabaliser.

Step 3: Fill your Scrap Fabric Bookmark

Next, you get to fill your little bookmark envelope with all your lovely scraps.

Ideally, you don’t want to leave little gaps of stabiliser peeking through, so you do need to layer it enough so you don’t have big holes in your bookmark!

Lay Out & Pin Method

To use this method, you want to sandwich your ribbon scrap—if you are using one—in between two layers of stabiliser and stitch together on 3 sides, leaving the long side open.

The Sew & Stuff Method