Budget-friendly Ideas For Diy Large Wall Art 

If you like making a big statement on your walls but don’t have the budget to match, this story is for you.

Materials Needed

-Plywood -Pallet offcuts -Wood glue -Mural-style wallpaper -Craft knife -Seam roller -Brush or roller -Mouse sander -Jigsaw

Creating a frame from thin plywood and pallet wood

The first method I tried was to use my jigsaw to cut down some pallets into small lengths.

I used wood glue to attach them around the edge of a large piece of plywood leftover from an old piece of furniture.

I had this grand idea of wrapping the wallpaper around the whole piece to the back to give it a bit of a canvas-framed kind of look. That didn’t work.

However, the pieces of pallet did provide stability to the larger piece of wood and made it hangable, so it wasn’t a total loss!

In the end, I trimmed the excess around the edges with a craft knife rather than wrapping it around to the back, as I just couldn’t get it to stick down evenly, curving over the edge.