Create a DIY Journal Cover Using This Enjoyable Tutorial

Whether it’s a journal for school, drawing, or filling with to-do lists, you can use this guide to create an exact replica of the one I have crafted or use it as inspiration to create something you love!

Materials Used:  Journal Cover

– Journal – Colored Paper – Glitter Paper – Patterned Paper – Scissors – Pencils

Step One: Design the Background

This background is very simple yet effective. You can use any color or texture of paper to tie in with the theme or color palette you want for your journal cover.

Step Two: Cut Out the Letters

Next up is to cut out the letters for your journal. You can also get creative here and choose a different word, or maybe even personalize it with a name, for example, ‘Kristen’s Journal.’

Step Three: Stick the Letters On

Next up is to glue the letters onto your DIY journal cover. It’s best to choose a clear glue, like Elmers.

The next step is to use a pair of scissors to cut out any shapes you’d like to embellish the cover of the notebook.

Step Four: Embellish The Cover

To really make the letters stand out, use a black marker pen to outline each letter. Use pens or acrylic paints to add some extra detail. Get creative with your notebook cover ideas.

Step Six: Outline Your Letters