Creative Craft Storage Ideas For All Your Crafting Supplies

These creative craft storage ideas will help you organize all your art supplies, make them easy to find and use, and make your craft space look inviting!

Repurpose Old Furniture

Use the vertical space of the closet or any piece of furniture you’re repurposing to add shelves, rails, and hanging space to maximize storage.

Build a Craft Table from Shelving

This is a super practical use of space and will allow you to store a huge amount of supplies in one small area.

Drop Down Desk

Drop-down desks usually attach to the wall or come built into a shelf, and they can be opened up to create space when you need it and easily popped away when you’re finished.

Baskets and Plastic Tubs

Clear containers are great for organizing any bits you don’t mind being on view, and they slot pretty nicely on top of shelves or underneath large pieces of furniture.

These boards are highly versatile; you can add hooks, shelves, containers, and more! I love that everything is visible, can be found, and can be used really easily.

Pegboard Storage

Rolling storage carts are fantastic for small spaces or when you tend to craft in different areas of your home. You can store a surprising amount of resources in these trolleys and always have them to hand.

Rolling Storage Cart