DIY Christmas Gift Tags from Cardboard & Scrap Fabric

This tutorial is all about how to make your own homemade DIY Christmas Gift Tags out of things you would normally throw out – namely cardboard & fabric scraps!

Materials Needed

– Thin cardboard – Fabric scraps – Gift tag punch – Ribbon or twine – Fabric glue – Sticky back paper – Scissors

Step 1: Cut your Cardboard to the Desired Width

Cut out as many tags as you like and you can vary the length of these to suit what you like. I did some shorter ones and some longer ones too.

Step 2: Get Creative with your Fabric Scraps

You can use the tinniest little pieces for this and it’s great for ‘fussy cutting’ little elements.

Christmas Tree Gift Tags

I made a few different types of Christmas Tree Gift Tags.

Fabric Strips

For the first one you literally just take 3 or 4 very thin strips of fabric and trim the ends so that the strips get smaller and smaller as you go up your ‘tree’.

For the second type of Christmas Tree tags I used those little scrap corners you get left with when you trim gussets or quilt binding strips.

Scrappy Corners