DIY Coffee Table Makeover: How to Add a Shadowbox

This idea is suited for tables that already have a glass top, preferably with the glass intact.

Materials Needed

-Old coffee table -Wood -Plywood  -Wood glue -Tacks -Saw -Paints of choice -Stencil (optional)

Step 1: Prep work

The first step in my coffee table makeover was to cut out the mesh with a craft knife. I then tidied up the edges with the knife and a bit of sanding.

Step 2: Build your Shadow Box Frame

Next, measure the sides of what would become the shadowbox. As they say, measure twice, cut once, trust me this is very solid advice.

Step 3: Add Corner Brackets

When you're happy with how the frame fits, add your corner brackets to your lengths of wood. You are attaching these to the underside of the table.

Step 4: Cut & Paint your Plywood

Next, cut your plywood to fit your frame. It should come to the outer edges of your box so it will look neater.

Step 5: Paint the Table

I gave it a nice, light base colour. I used Little Lamb and dry brushed with Goddess Ashwagandha. I used cappuccino stain and finishing oil to enhance the wood look.