DIY Denim Boro Coasters

I love new ways to repurpose and reuse old jeans – so I was delighted when one of my favourite bloggers asked if she could share this fab DIY Denim Boro Coaster Tutorial with my readers. Vicky Myers is a super creative blogger with a passion for upcycling and she has particular expertise in bag making! Enjoy!

Materials Needed

– An old pairs of jeans – Cotton for the back of the coasters – Fabric scraps – Embroidery floss – Rotary cutter, mat and quilters ruler – Denim needle, Sewing machine, and regular quality sewing thread

Step 1: Prepare Coaster Fabric Pieces

Iron interfacing to the wrong side of your denim and your cotton fabric for the back of the coasters.

Step 2: Create your boro inspired designs

Once the fabric has been prepared with the interfacing cut squares from the denim and squares from the cotton. Split into three threads, then thread a needle and tie a knot at one end.

Step 3: Assemble Coasters

Place the lining fabric so the right side faces the right side of the hand stitched denim. We are going to machine stitch the two sides together leaving a turning gap. Trim the edges and corners taking care not to snip the stitches.

Turn right side out, turning in your seam allowance and press. Finish the coaster by hand stitching an 1/8” in from the edge of the coaster all around with a running stitch. This adds the finishing touch to your beautiful denim coasters and at the same time closes the turning gap.