DIY Footstool Made from Recycled Plastic Tubs!

I used a large empty plastic tub, lots of fabric trimmings, and a William Morris Fabric Remnant to make a functional footstool to match with my living room decor.

DIY Footstool: Materials Used

– Empty plastic tub with lid  – William morris fabric remnant – fabric piping  – quilt batting – Fabric scraps – Craft glue

The first proper step in my DIY Footstool project was to give my large plastic tub a bit more of a padded look by attaching some leftover strips of quilt batting to the outside of it.

Step 1: Attach Quilt Batting to the Outside of the Plastic Tub

You could fill yours with any manner of unwanted items from old clothes to towels or even rocks if you want it to be really heavy!

Step 2: Fill your Plastic Tub

To do that I simply wrapped my fabric around the footstool until it touched. Then I over measured by a 1/2 either side (for the seam allowance) and cut my fabric there.

Step 3: Cutting Fabric for your Footstool Cover

I started by sewing the fabric I had cut for the sides of the footstool together – right sides to right sides – to form a little tube.

Step 4: Sewing the Footstool Cover

First I placed my bottom fabric where I wanted it, tucked the spare edges in under the footstool cover and then folded over the patterned cover fabric to hide the raw edges.

Step 5: Sewing the Footstool Bottom