DIY Kitchen Makeover Upcycle Ideas – 21 Ideas to Try

Upcycle your whole kitchen with these fun ideas from painted cabinets (including How to Guide) to backsplashes, wall art and wooden spoons!

Cutlery Hooks

We love this idea of using old cutlery as hooks. If you have a drill and an old plank of wood you should be able to do this fairly simply as lots of older cutlery is fairly bendy (if you use a hammer).

Kitchen Cabinet Door Makeovers

No DIY Kitchen Makeover is complete without having a crack at upcycling your kitchen cabinets, is it? Click the link below for some gorgeous examples of what you can achieve.

Kitchen Island Upcycles

Can’t afford to buy a brand new kitchen island? We love these examples of kitchen islands made from repurposed doors and dressers. The dresser idea in particular provides handy storage and is probably a more practical size for most kitchens.

DIY Kitchen Backsplash

We think this chalkboard kitchen wall is a super simple but effective idea if you have open shelving like this coffee bar. But you could also do the same for just a backsplash area with cupboards above.

Vintage Items as Kitchen Wall Art

We love, love, love this use of old and otherwise unusable vintage kitchen items as wall decor. We think it brings that cozy cottage/farmhouse chic style to life.

Add to your Kitchen Makeover with Unusual Objects

Need to clear out an old study or library? See if you can reuse any of those old items in the kitchen. These one’s aren’t everyone’s style but that’s the beauty of upcycling, you can make it your own.

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