DIY Large Wall Art Ideas on a Budget

Learn how to use upcycled wood offcuts and panels of designer wallpaper to make DIY Large Wall Art for a fraction of the cost of other oversized art pieces. Save money and use what you have!


– plywood – Pallet off cuts – Sawtooth Picture hanging brackets  – Wood Glue – Mural Style Wallpaper – Craft Knife – Seam Roller – Brush or Roller – Mouse Sander – Jigsaw

Creating a frame from thin plywood and pallet wood

The first method I tried was to use my jigsaw to cut down some pallets into small lengths.

I used wood glue to attach them around the edge of a large piece of plywood leftover from an old piece of furniture.

I had this grand idea of wrapping the wallpaper around the whole piece to the back to give it a bit of canvas framed kind of look. That didn’t work.

However the pieces of pallet did provide stability to the larger piece of wood and made it hangable so it wasn’t a total lost cause!

In the end I trimmed the excess around the edges with a craft knife rather than wrapping it around to the back as I just couldn’t get it to stick down evenly curving over the edge.