DIY Necklace Pendant made from Upcycled Fabric Samples

Use fabric samples and swatches to make unique and colourful DIY necklace pendants! Step by step tutorial. An easy DIY gift idea you can make in less than 15 minutes!


– Fabric Swatches or Samples  – Pinking Shears – Hot Glue Gun – Necklace Pendant Base – Needle & Thread (optional) – Fabric Scissors

Step 1: Create Fabric Swatch Beads

The first step in this project is turning your fabric swatch samples into bead shapes.

Step 2: Glue your Fabric Beads to the Pendant Backing

The basic idea for this DIY necklace pendant is to take four of these fabric swatch beads and combine them to make the pendants.

Step 3: Trim your Pendant Backing

Once your beads feel secure it is time to start trimming your backing fabric so that you can’t see it from the front.

Step 4: Attach your Pendant Base

The last step is to attach your pendant base.

You are done! I loved how the first one turned out so much that I did several more for friends and family.