DIY Seat Cushion for a Toy Box

I am all about adding comfort to my life. One of the ways I like to do that is to add toy box seat cushions to my sons’ toy boxes (also known as blanket boxes!).

Materials Needed

– Toy Chest – Foam – Batting – Fabric – Staple gun and staples – Upholstery hammer  – Tack lifter – Adhesive spray (optional) – Sticky back felt

Detach the Toy Box Lid

The first thing I did was unscrew the lid from its hinges. I did this because I put my seat cushion directly on the box lid.

Cut Foam to Size

Next, I cut my foam to fit the size of the top of my toy box. I recommend fairly dense and thick foam if it is going to be for a seat as it has to take your weight. Mine was 3 thick.

You don’t strictly have to attach your foam to your box lid but I find it helps at the stapling process to know you don’t have to worry about the foam itself sliding around.

Attach Foam to the Toy Box Lid

Optional Batting

I used warm & natural quilt batting, because I am also learning to quilt so I had it in the house anyway waiting for my next project.

Upholstering the Seat Cushion

I start with one staple in the center of each long side puling as taught as possible and folding under the raw edge before stapling it down.