DIY Valentine’s Day Gift from Upcycled Trash

This tutorial is an example of something you can make as a ‘token’ gift that doesn’t cost anything but shows you took the time to make something for them to show you care.


– Bottle – Wrapping paper – Cardboard packaging – Ribbon – Scissors – Gift tag punch (optional)

Step 1: Prepare your Vanilla Extract Bottle

The first thing I did was remove the label and the little gold ring below the bottle cap – I just snapped it off with my scissors.

Step 2: Cut out Tiny Heart Shapes

I would have used a  heart-shaped hole punch. So if you have one, by all means, use it! I don’t own one so I set to cutting out tiny hearts as best I could with my scissors.

This step is pretty  self-explanatory. Just stuff your tiny hearts into the bottle and when you are happy with how full it is, shut the lid!

Step 3: Put your Hearts in the Bottle

Step 4: Add a Gift Tag

The last thing I did was create a gift tag/message tag using some thin cardboard packaging.

Mine was a lavender colour but you could use white or red packaging if you have it or even brown cardboard if you like the crafty brown paper look.

I had saved these scraps of red and white ribbon and twine from gifts I received at Christmas. I used them to make a bow to attach my gift tag.