DIY Wedding Centrepieces made from Upcycled Corks

DIY Wedding Centrepieces for flowers from upcycled corks and coffee containers. Get the rustic farmhouse look on a budget! Step by step tutorial with two methods to try!


– Corks – Cylindrical containers – Hot Glue Gun – Sharp serrated knife. – Stovetop, strainer and pan

Step 1: Prepare your Corks for Cutting

Steam your corks for 10 minutes or so to soften them up and make it easier for you to cut them.

Step 2: Cut your Corks

I tried two different ways to see how they would turn out. I cut some corks in half vertically and the other batch I cut into round disks horizontally through the corks.

Step 3: Glue your Corks to your Containers

For both versions, I started with the containers standing upright on the table and glueing the corks as far down to the bottom edge as possible.

Step 4: Dress your Wedding Table Centrepieces

The last step is to dress your centrepieces with repurposed ribbon, twine or whatever you have to hand.

Step 5: Add Flowers!

For the metal coffee tin canister, I just used water directly in the container. For the other one that was more of a thick cardboard tube container I put a small whisky glass inside first and that is what I put the water for the flowers in.

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