Downstairs Toilet Makeover: How to Use Free Printables

I was amassing a huge collection of pins of free vintage bird printables, and it was actually while sitting on the toilet the other day that I worked out what I could do with them!

Materials Needed – Downstairs Toilet Makeover

– Sticky back A4 Paper – Mod Podge – Brush – Colour Printer

Step 1: Choose your Images

The first step is to decide which of the many free printable images on the internet you want to use. There are tons!

Step 2: Print your Images

I used sticky-back A4 label paper. This is basically a full sheet of 8 x 11 printer paper, but you can peel off the back, and the whole sheet is adhesive.  

Step 3: Cut to Size

Once I had a rough idea of how many images would fit in my panels, I started cutting them to size. 

The A4 sheets I printed the images on were slightly wider than my panels, so I centred the image where I wanted it.

Step 4: Attach your Images

In order to fit my panel exactly, I cut the border off of some images or covered the descriptive writing at the bottom by overlapping the next image.