Easy Do It Yourself Tea Storage Organizer

If you like the look of this project but aren’t a big tea drinker, you could also make a similar thing for your utensils, treat stash, or anything else you want to store in your home.

Materials Used:  Tea Organizer

– Patterned Paper – Sellotape – Cardboard – Scissors – Plastic Box

Step One: Cover the Sides

I wanted to fold my paper in half so that you can see the patterned paper from the inside and the outside of the box, so I measured out rectangles twice the height of the box.

Step Two: Trace the Base

I traced around the box, cut it out with scissors, and sellotaped it to the side of the container.

Step Three: Make The Dividers

Once the box was covered, I cut out three dividers from cardboard. I just used the measurements I took earlier to make sure the width of the panels was the right size.

Before inserting the dividers, cover them in patterned paper. I wrapped the cardboard like a present and used sellotape to seal each end.

Step Four: Cover the Dividers

Next step: add tea! You could use ziplock bags for each section to make sure the tea bags stay fresh, but if the plastic container you used is airtight anyway, you won’t need to worry about this.

Step Five: Add The Dividers