Scrap fabric bookmarks from Teeny Tiny Trimmings!

Make a cute scrap fabric bookmark from the tiny trimmings from your other sewing projects!

Materials Needed – Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

– Scrap fabric trimmings – Embroidery stabilizer  – Ribbon scraps – Sewing machine – Cutting mat – Rotary cutter

Step 1: Sort Your Scraps

It was basically one bag that I had filled with slivers, trimmings, and balls of thread from other sewing and craft projects.

Cut your Embroidery Stabilizer

The ones I made this first time around were smaller but the ones I made more recently I cut to 3 wide and the height was the width of the stabilizer.

Next, you get to fill your little bookmark envelope with all your lovely scraps.

Step 3: Fill your Scrap Fabric Bookmark

Step 4: Sew like Crazy!

Next, comes the start of the fun stuff! First you want to sew up the open seams to make sure all your scraps are safely inside your envelope.

Step 5: Washing Off the Stabiliser

I did it in a bowl of cold water, but you could also just run them under the tap. You’ll want to rub a bit to make sure it’s all washed off.