Easy Sew DIY Kid’s Wall Hanging from a Fabric Remnant

Quick one hour project for a Kid's Room Wall Hanging using a a fabric panel and a few other materials - including a stick from your garden!


– Fabric Remnant or Fabric Panel – Long coordinating fabric scrap – Backing fabric the same size as your panel – Fusible Fleece  – Stick – Twine

Step 1: Square Up your Fabric Panel

My panel ended up being 29" x 17" before it was sewn. My final hanging ended up at 27" x 20" (including the hanging loop but not including the twine).

Step 2: Create the Hanging Loop

I used another fabric remnant I’d bought in a scrap bag that was long and thin and cut it down to 29" wide (same as my fabric panel) and 7" high.

Next I folded each of the short ends in twice (towards the wrong side). So I folded it over 1/2", pressed and then folded another 1/2". Then I sewed the folds in place.

Step 3: Fusible Fleece or Batting

I ironed the fleece to the back side of the front fabric panel and then after sewing I ironed it from the back to fuse the back fabric down.

Step 4: Sew It Up!

I placed my hanging loop along the top of my fabric panel with the raw edges meeting and then pinned the backing fabric down on top (right sides to right sides).