Fun Repurposed Ideas for Succulent Planters

All great DIY projects to repurpose your ‘stuff’! We’ve got cute planter ideas for small succulents as well as larger plants.

Petrol Can Planter

I like this idea because it almost looks like the plants are taking over and ‘winning’ in the war against pollution-causing automobiles.

Anything Goes Typewriter Planter

Even better would be to remove all or some of the keys and put a base underneath the typewriter for more potting soil so you can have succulents growing out in between the keys.

Chair Planters

This home in Edinburgh, Scotland, has a living lounge set up outside the front door with succulents growing out of a wingback chair, a vintage lampshade and teapot, and, of course, a classic pair of boots!

Boots Planters!

Seriously though, old boots, shoes, and similar items often already have drainage, and if they don't, they are a much easier material to poke a hole in than something hard or ceramic.

These examples involve different ways you can dress up your tin can succulent planters using other old bits and bobs you might have lying around, from left-over paint to bits of fabric, lace, or ribbon.

Tin Can Planters

If you really are very sentimentally attached to your old toys, I suggest keeping this idea for some inside planting.

Kid’s Toy Planters