How a Headboard Is Reupholstered

A get-it-done approach to reupholstering a headboard without taking it off the wall.

Materials Used:  Reupholster a Headboard

– Upholstery Fabric – Staple Gun & Staples – Upholstery Hammer – Fabric Scissors – Tack Strips – Upholstery Nail Stud Strips (optional)

Step 1: Pick & Measure your Fabric

I picked a pretty bold pattern for my headboard reupholstery project. One because I fancied a change; two because I was going for a more dark and moody feel for the bedroom.

Step 2: Start Stapling!

I started at the top, in the middle of my headboard.

Step 3: Trim excess Fabric

Once you have the top secured, you can head down to the sides and see how much overhanging fabric you have.

Once you’ve got your fabric trimmed, you can start folding over and stapling down the side.

Step 4: Fold Corners and Staple the Sides

You measure and cut your stud strips, and you use your upholstery hammer to hammer them into place.

Step 5 (Optional): Attach Stud Strips