How To Applique On A T-shirt 

This tutorial is all about how to make your own applique from fabric scraps and then how to add that applique on a t-shirt to upcycle it – so you’ll wear it more often!

Materials Needed

-Old T-shirt -Heat 'n’ Bond Lite Iron -Embroidery Stabiliser -Fabric Scraps -Lightening Bolt Template -Fabric Scraps -Contrasting Thread

Step 1: Cut Out your Applique Template

I went for this lightning bolt design, created a template for it on my computer, and just printed it on regular printer paper.

Step 2: Stitch and Flip with Fabric Scraps

First, you want to pick two scraps that are sort of longer than they are high; you want them to be wide enough to slightly hang off the end of your template on either side.

Put them right sides together and stitch along where the raw edges meet, making sure that the bottom fabric piece is big enough that when you flip open the top piece, the end of your template is still covered.

Step 3: Trim your Applique Piece to Size

Next, you need to set your fabric-covered template fabric side down on to a cutting mat.

Step 4: Fuse your Applique on a T-shirt

In order to attach your applique to your t-shirt in preparation for stitching, you need to cut out a double-sided fusible bonding agent – I use Heat n’ Bond Lite.