How to Back a Quilt with Fleece

I used three slightly different methods each time: Here, I’ll give you my step-by-step instructions as well as my impressions of all these methods.

Quilting with Fleece Method 1: No Batting, Self-Binding

The first quilt I attempted with a fleece back was this one with the wine and pink coloured blocks. It is a bit bigger than a baby quilt at 41" x 57".

Step 1: Baste the Quilt Top to the Fleece Back

I used a spray bottle for this. I placed a single piece of fleece right side down on the floor and centred the quilt top on top, right side up.

Step 2: Quilting with a Fleece Backing

I used a decorative stitch on my Janome sewing machine that had a small leaf design on it. I thought that would tie in well with some of the motifs in the blocks.

As the fleece was already cut wider than the quilt top and it has a nice stretch to it, I decided to try my hand at using the fleece itself as the binding, thus the term self-binding.

Step 3: Self-Binding

The second quilt I made was slightly smaller than the first but still a smidgen bigger than a baby quilt—probably for a lap quilt for a school-age child. It is “39 x 49”.

Method 2: Fleece Quilt Back with Batting & Cotton Binding

I still had some spray baste left, so I used the same process as above, but first basted the batting to the fleece and then the quilt top to the batting.

Step 1: Baste All Three Layers of the Quilt