How to Cut Up Old Jeans for Sewing & Upcycling Projects

This tutorial is all about how to cut up a pair of jeans to get lots of lovely useable denim fabric as well as saving some other parts of the jeans for different types of upcycling projects.

Materials Needed: Cutting up Old Jeans for Reuse

– Pinking Shears – Old Jeans

Photo: Upcycle My Stuff

Step 1: Select the jeans you want to repurpose

If you aren’t going to wear them again and you don’t know anyone else who would then they are fair game and you will be amazed how many gorgeous things you can make out of upcycled old denim.

Step 2: Cutting Method for preserving the maximum fabric from your old jeans

Project Ideas for Different parts of Your Old Jeans

If you are super creative you can use every part of your old jeans for one project or another.

Main leg fabric

– Denim Quilt – Picnic Blanket – Upholstery – Making other items of clothing – Bags – Zipper pouches

Back Pockets

– Bedside Organizer – Advent Calendar – Handbag – Zipper Pouch – Coasters – Mobile Charging station

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