How to Make Fabric from your Scraps

This method is all about how to turn the strangely shaped fabric off cuts from a sewing or quilting project into yardage of fabric that is all the same colour or pattern.

Materials Needed – How to Make Fabric from your Scraps:

– Scrap fabric – Lightweight iron – Pressing surface – Sewing machine thread – Teflon sheet (optional)

Choose what size of fabric you will make

I use a wool pressing mat for most of my ironing so the size of that mat is the maximum size of fabric I tend to make. My pressing mat is 12 x 18.

Arrange your scraps

Next start placing your scraps right side up on top of the fusible. This is when it becomes a bit of a jigsaw puzzle.

If this is your first time doing this I would suggest you wait until you have all your scraps laid out before you use your iron.

Fuse your scraps into place

Sewing the joins

Set your stitch to a zig zag stitch. I usually go for a 2 or 2.5 stitch length to make sure my stitch catches both of the pieces of scrap I am trying to join.

Trim your fabric yardage to size

I trim my made fabric just enough so that I have straight edges, but if you want a particular size, like a pre-cut size or strips then you can do that at this stage.