How to Make Festival Bunting Out of Upcycled Fabric Scraps

These two tassle bunting projects recycle and reuse fabrics and materials that may have gone to landfills, and being no-sew means they are quick and easy for everyone to do.

Once hung, your tassel bunting will dance and flutter in the breeze, creating an eye-catching decoration at festivals. 

Materials Used:  Festival Tassles

– Tape  – Old shirts – Ribbon – Fabric glue

Make Your Fabric Into Strips 

Take your cloth pieces and fold your fabric in half so the two shorter sides meet. Then cut your fabric into strips about 2.5cm wide and 40cm long.

Tie Your Fabric On

Tie them onto the tape. Use the smaller fabric scraps or ribbons to tightly secure the tassles by making a knot (or double knot) near the top of each tassle.


Repeat until you have 20 to 30 tassels at a distance of 10–12 cm, or until your tape is full of tassels. Allow 25cm at each end of your tape for hanging.

You may want to dab a small blob of fabric glue on each tassle to keep it in place, but this is optional. Hang your bunting and get your party started!