How to Make Gift Tags Out of Old Christmas Cards

There are tons of ways to use those special cards, and today I will share an easy way to reuse your Christmas cards as next year’s gift tags.

Materials Used:   Gift Tags Out of Old Christmas Cards

– Christmas cards – Pinking shears – Hole punch

Step 1:

When you take down your Christmas cards, set aside some time to cut out images, text, or patterns that could be reused as gift tags.

Step 2:

Use pinking shears to give your tags an attractive zig-zag edge.

Step 3:

If you like, you can use a hole punch to create a place to string a ribbon or twine to attach the tags to your gifts.

Store festive-themed tags in a box for next Christmas and other tags in a 'year round' box for use on other gifts throughout the year.

Step 4: