How to Make Pillowcase Labels for Clothes!

Learn how to make clothing labels out of old pillowcases or sheets. A cost-effective and  eco-friendly way to make homemade fabric labels.

Materials Needed to Make Clothing Labels:

– Transfer paper – Material to recycle into labels – Printer – Laptop – Iron – Wax paper

Step 1: Create a Label Template

I did this in Microsoft Word by importing my Buttons for Beans logo in a JPEG format, flipping the image horizontally, and then copying it for as many labels as needed.

Step 2: Print on your Transfer Paper

Put the transfer paper into the printer and follow the transfer paper instructions to print your clothing label design.

Step 3: Transfer your Clothing Label Design onto Fabric

Lay out your material on a hard surface like a table or the floor with something underneath to provide a small amount of cushioning, something like another pillowcase would work fine.

Step 4: Use Silicon Paper or Baking Paper to Fix your Clothing Labels

This acts as a fixing agent, so your labels won’t fade too much in the wash. Iron all over for roughly 30 seconds and peel off.

Step 5: Cut your Clothing Labels to Size

Finally, cut out your labels to the size you want. I like to leave a long edge so that I can fold them to reduce fraying.