How to Make Upcycled Cardboard Kraft Tags

It’s all about how to make your own upcycled Kraft Tags using cardboard and paper from your recycling bin. This is a super easy project and it only takes a few supplies.

Materials Needed – DIY Kraft Tags:

– Cardboard – Gift Tag Punch – Mod Podge – Sewing Machine – Stamp – Ribbon – Colored thread

Step 1: Cut cardboard strips in the correct width for your tag punch

First you need to decide what width you want your product tags or gift tags to be.

Step 2: Punch your tags

Once you have the strips feed the first strip in to the tag punch as far as it will go and push down on the lever.

The end of your strip will now have a curvy kraft tag end with an embossed hole for you to string your twine or ribbon through.

Step 3: Disguise the text and images on the cardboard

If you were able to find some appropriate cardboard without print on it for this you are laughing, just add some twine or ribbon and you are done!

Step 4: Add your logo or message

I used a stamp I bought on Etsy to mark my tags ‘Made with Love'. You could simply handwrite a gift message or a product price if you prefer.