How to Make Wrapped Bangles from Scrap Fabric

If you have some old bangles you don’t wear or are no longer looking their best and some long fabric scraps, you can make these scrap  fabric-wrapped bangles.

Materials Needed – Fabric Wrapped Bangles

– Old Bangles/Bracelets – Fabric Scraps  – Washi Tape (Optional) – Needle and Thread (Optional) – Scissors

Step 1: Cut or Tear your Fabric Strips

I used an old men’s shirt that was in my ‘to do something with’ pile. I tore it into strips that were approximately 2cm wide.

The length was just the length of the front of the shirt or sleeve, depending on where I was tearing it from.

Step 2: Attach Fabric Strip and Wrap

I used a tiny bit of washi tape to attach my fabric strip to my bangle, just to keep it secure for the first few wraps.

This is optional, or you could use a dab of hot glue or some plain cellotape as well. It is just to stop the fabric from slipping away as you wrap it around the bangle the first few times.

Step 3: Sew the End or Make a Bow

To finish your fabric-wrapped bangle bracelet off, you can trim the end once you get back around to where you started, turn the end of the fabric strip under, and sew in place.