How to Organize Christmas Morning to Reduce the Wrapping Waste

Here are some ways I’ve found useful for organizing myself on Christmas morning to make sure I reduce the waste of wrapping paper, tissue and other items.

Set up Separate Boxes

The first thing I do Christmas morning is set up some boxes of varying sizes for different types of things that are going to otherwise end up on the floor.

How to Store Used Wrapping Paper for Reuse

Depending on the size of the paper and whether I am opening a gift at home or out with friends I will either carefully fold it or roll it up and secure it with a rubber band or a ribbon.

How to Reuse Torn Wrapping Paper and Tissue

I reuse torn tissue and wrapping paper for decoupage projects. Especially the wrapping paper that doesn’t have obvious Christmas patterns as you can use this for so many different things.

Gift Box decoupaged with Torn Tissue

For Christmas themed paper I would suggest using decoupage to cover a cardboard box that one of your gifts came in.

Even if the paper doesn’t totally match you will end up with a Christmassy gift box you can reuse year after year and tie-up with a pretty bow.