How to Recycle Glasses Lenses into Brooches

I wanted to see if you absolutely needed to use clear lenses or if you could make a brooch with sunglass lenses too. So I tried two methods, one of which will work for sunglasses.

Materials Needed – Eyeglass Lenses as Brooches

– Scissors – Scrap Paper – Mod Podge – Brooch Clasps – Sticky Back Felt – Broken or Unwanted Glasses

Step 1: Remove your Lenses

I had to twist the frame at the bridge a little bit to get these ones to budge as these were thick plastic frames, and the lenses were pretty thick too due to my strong prescription!

Step 2: Cut Out your Paper

The next step is to choose the pattern or design for your brooch by cutting out a piece or pieces of scrap or decoupage paper to fit the shape of your lens.

Step 3: Mod Podge

Next, stick or decoupage your chosen paper to your lens.

For Method 1

Apply Mod Podge or another brand of craft glue to the underside of your lens. You could use a brush, but your finger will work just as well.

For Method 2

Apply the Mod Podge to the outside or top of the lens and place your paper down with the non-patterned side touching the glue.