How to Repurpose a Contemporary Photo Frame and Mount

There is nothing wrong with the frame or mount except that it matches Grandma’s home decor, not my own. All my other paintings have silver frames with a white mount or mat.

Materials Needed – Modern Picture Frame

– Acrylic craft paint – Clear gloss/glaze – Paint brush – Exacto knife  – Card stock

Create a New Mount

The first step is to remove the picture and mount/matte from the existing frame and use the old matte to create the new one.

Paint Test

On the left, I tried a test patch of only silver. On the right, I tried a coat of white paint under the silver. This way, I knew that I needed a white coat to cover the gold colour of the frame before painting it silver.


I took the frame apart to make it easier to paint. I did two layers of white paint and two of silver.

After applying all the paint coats and letting it dry, I applied a layer of gloss to protect the paint. Acrylic craft paint can chip very easily, so this coat is needed. 

Layer of Gloss

I used a triple-thick gloss, but I found it too thick, so next time I will use a regular craft project gloss. The gloss also dries super fast.