How to Repurpose Dish Plates for Wall Art

How to hang plates on the wall. Use mismatched or coordinated dishes to make a dish plate gallery wall that will make a huge statement and fill a blank wall.

Materials Needed

– Old dishes – Spray paint – Decoupage paper – Mod podge – Plate hanger discs

Step 1: Choose your plates

The first step of course is to choose which plates or dishes you want to use for your plate gallery wall. These could be a variety of different shapes and sizes or uniforms.

Step 2: Spray Paint (Optional)

Spraying them all the same color ties them together as a set. Or you can try an ombre effect or color-blocking design.

Step 3: Decoupage (Optional)

As with any decoupage project Mod Podge will probably be your go-to and depending on the finish you want you can go for their matt, gloss, or crackle versions.

Step 4: Plate Hanger Discs

The most important step and the only one that isn’t optional with this project is to make sure you are purchasing the right sized plate hanger discs for your plates.

You need to measure the flat space on the back of your plate for width and buy the biggest disc that will fit. This listing for Plate Hanger Discs has a variety of sizes for different-sized plates.