How to Repurpose Glasses into Brooches

I wanted to see if you absolutely needed to use clear lenses or if you could make a brooch with sunglass lenses too. So I tried two methods, one of which will work for sunglasses.

Materials Needed – Eyeglass Lenses as Brooches

– Unwanted glasses – Scissors – Scrap paper – Mod podge

Remove your Lenses

I had to twist the frame at the bridge a little bit to get these ones to budge as these were thick plastic frames, and the lenses were pretty thick too due to my strong prescription!

Cut Out your Paper

The next step is to choose the pattern or design for your brooch by cutting out a piece or pieces of scrap or decoupage paper to fit the shape of your lens.

For Method 1

(Clear Lenses) – Cut your paper to fit the shape of your lens exactly (or as close as you can get).

(Either clear or tinted lenses): Cut your paper a bit bigger than the shape of your lens, big enough so you can wrap the paper around the back of the lens.

For Method 2

Next is to stick or decoupage your chosen paper to your lens.

Mod Podge