How to Repurpose Leather Boots into a Foldover Purse with Strap Handbag

In this guide, I will show you how I upcycled an old pair of leather boots into a handbag.

Materials Needed – Leather Boots into a Handbag

– Old pair of boots – Large needle – Fishing line – Craft knife – Pliers

Remove Hardware

The first thing I did was remove the ‘hardware'—the strap and stud area around the ankle of each of my boots.

Cut your Boots

To prepare the body of your purse, you need to cut the bottom part of the boot where the 'shoe’ section ends and the calf begins.

Turn Inside Out & Remove Lining

The first thing to do, after you’ve cut the calf off your boot, is to turn it inside out to see what you have on the inside.

Unless you were super precise when you cut your boot the first time, there might be a bit of an uneven line where the top of the heel meets the calf.

Even Out Edges

With the leather turned inside out, use a running stitch to sew the lower portion of the boot until you have closed up the bottom of your bag.

Sew the Bottom