How to Repurpose Old Boots: Plant a Succulent Boot

This story will show you how to make a boot planter from that pair of old boots that have started to leak. It’s a fun and quirky addition to your garden and a lovely home for plants like succulents.

Materials Used:  Boot Planter

– Boots – Drill – Rocks/stones – Hand Shovel – Potting Soil – Succulent – Gorilla Wood Glue

Step 1: Make Drainage Holes

To make drainage holes in your boot planters, use your drill to drill some holes in the bottom of the boots—two or three should be plenty. Use a larger bit and drill holes about an inch apart.

Step 2: Weigh them Down

This is where the stones come in. The idea is to weigh the boot down so it doesn’t fall over. Stones will also provide some additional drainage.

Step 3: Potting soil

Once the rocks are in place, fill the boot with potting soil and plant your succulent.

If you are planting outside, then the stones/rocks are essential to make sure it doesn’t get blown over in the wind (although read on for why I have reinforced my boot planters even further!).

Step 4: Find the Perfect Spot

If you are planning to keep your boot planter indoors, you will need some sort of tray or plate to place it on to catch any drained water.